Launching the Artist in Residence programme

The Kingsley Hotel is delighted to announce that guests can view artwork from the 32- year-old artist, Vicent Devine in our Fairbanks Restaurant as part of their Artist in Residence programme.

This programme was created in collaboration with The Gallery Kinsale with a view to enhance the experience of guests who visit this popular Cork Restaurant. They now can now enjoy great tasting food whilst taking in the breath-taking ambience at fantastic artwork of the amazingly talented Devine.

A featured painting representing The Banks of My Own Lovely Lee music sheet is sitting in the Hotel. It celebrates the twinning of Cork with Shanghai.

His work is available for purchase from between €1,300 and €7,500.

Fergal Harte, General Manager of the Kingsley Hotel said that “the entire team at The Kingsley are extremely proud to play a part in the launch of the Artist in Residence programme and we are delighted to collaborate with The Gallery to continue to support the work of Irish artists. The city of Cork plays such a strong role in supporting Ireland’s art and cultural heritage, and we hope to add to the art scene in the city with the launch of this programme here at The Kingsley.”

Vincent Devine Background

In 2008, Devine’s art career began while he was studying for his Honours Degree. He then began to develop a new way of painting.

His work was featured on Madonna’s Rebel Heart tour as a backdrop. Unfortunately, he did not get commission on this as he, himself emailed the portrait of Madonna to her team. He stopped painting portraits as label companies would only pay him with recognition and not with money.

He attended college in Limerick College of Art and Design, where they told him he wasn’t cut out for art and should drop to graphic design.

He then transferred to Athlone Institute of Technology, where he obtained an honours degree in visual communication. He sold some of his paintings from his house to make some money whilst in college.

Vincent has grown into a free spirit, where his hands do all the talking.

Plan your visit to Cork

We are very lucky to have his magnificent art pieces in our Cork City Hotel. If you wish to view his artwork, please book a table for lunch in our fabulous Fairbanks restaurant.

If you would like to stay in one of our luxury hotel style rooms, we are more than happy to accommodate you.

Book directly to avail of our Free Breakfast Special, where you can enjoy Vincent’s paintings in the morning during your breakfast.

For further information please don’t hesitate to contact a member of staff today.