The Kingsley are delighted to offer a new spa experience in Cork, designed to promote overall wellbeing and provide much needed relaxation.

OTO SPA Treatments

The OTO range of products are a world first, being the only premium CBD oils created in the UK. At OTO, their dictum is ‘Guided By Nature, Grounded In Science’.

At The Kingsley Spa, we offer the following OTO treatments:

OTO CBD Balance – Deep Relaxation Massage

Designed to be deeply restorative and help with sleep.

OTO CBD Focus – Rejuvenating Massage

Designed to calm and refocus a busy mind.

OTO CBD Target Treatment

Your OTO CBD treatment is customised using a range of techniques including Swedish massage and massage tools.

OTO CBD Amplify – Re-energising Massage

Combined with an OTO signature sound therapy and the placement of Red Jasper crystal, renowned strong grounding properties, for a profoundly regenerative experience.

OTO CBD Signature – Renewal Facial Treatment

An “OTO strength” application with firming & lifting movements to work on the facial muscles using hand crafted, natural Bamboo pieces, hot basalt and cool stones, and the wonderful art of breath work with placement of Quartz for its cleansing properties.

OTO CBD Dual Infused Experience

This CBD therapy combines a deeply relaxing OTO Back Massage with a firming and lifting OTO Facial.


OTO Spa Oil Ingredients & CBD quantity

A blend of organic grapeseed oil and coconut oil as the carrier oil, containing 25mg pure CBD isolate per 25ml in three variants:


Containing Ginger, Black Pepper and Frankincense


 Containing Bitter Orange, Grapfruit and Juniper Berry


Containing Jasmine, Basil, Fragonia, Helichrysum and Roman Chamomile


To learn more about this fantastic range of treatments please view our OTO Spa Treatement brochure.