The Spa at The Kingsley is delighted to introduce this new innovative package , ‘like a nespresso capsule but for your shower’.

Skinjay’s essential oil blends trigger a sensory journey the moment any capsule is activated. Our patented micro-nebulisation technology effectively allows essential oils to be diffused through your shower in the form of micro-droplets that fall like fine rain on to your skin, contributing to your well-being. Skinjay has developed a cosmetic formulation enabling essential oils to be nebulised once in contact with warm water from the shower.

Picking the right capsule for you

Step 1: Choose a Scrub

  • Invigorating – Lime & LemonGrass Salt Scrub
  • Calming – Nectarine & Honey Body Salt Scrub

Step 2: Choose Aroma Shower

  • Invigorating – Tropical Odyssey evokes the invigorating sensation of tropical rainfall. You will be transported to the heart of nature at its finest, captivated by the vanilla and neroli, stimulated by the vitamin-rich mango and papaya pulp and revitalised by the tangy fresh­ness by the pineapple. Enjoy without restraint whenever you feel the urge to travel.
  • Calming – Smooth Odyssey contains the secret to relaxation and satisfaction. Your mind will be calmed by an infusion of lavender essential oil mixed with verbena and tea tree, ready to float away on the soothing notes of vanilla. Try this deeply relaxing experience whenever you want to stop time in its tracks.

Step 3: Choose Oil for Oil Application

  • Invigorating – Rosehip, Raspberry, Evening Primrose & Ginger
  • Calming – Sweet Orange, Ylang Ylang, Chamomile & Neroli.

Step 4: Your Choice of Herbal Tea

  • Invigorating – Strawberry & Mango
  • Calming – Chamomile Tea

Total price for the remarkable treatment: €70 | 50 mins


To book please contact Spa Reception on:

  • T: 021 4800 570
    E: thespa@thekingsley.ie