Health & Safety will be paramount during hotel re-opening

With the country entering Phase 3 of the Roadmap for reopening society and business, we are delighted to reopen our doors and welcome guests back to our hotel in Cork City.

The health and safety of our guests and team are of the utmost importance to us. With that in mind, the hotel has implemented the necessary protocols in line with Fáilte Ireland and government guidelines. All HSE recommendations and Fáilte Ireland Guidelines regarding safe workplace management and best practices are in effect and reviewed daily.

General Manager, Fergal Harte, has been leading the preparations to get the hotel ready and was delighted once the doors re-opened to guests:

“We are thrilled to welcome guests and visitors back to The Kingsley. The health and safety of our guests and team are the utmost importance to us which is why we are implementing all the necessary protocols in line with Fáilte Ireland Guidelines. The team and I look forward to greeting our guests for their staycation in Cork this summer.”

Like all businesses and hotels that are re-opening, The Kingsley has implemented a number of Covid-19 Operational Protocols. These protocols will be regularly reviewed to ensure compliance and to identify any areas requiring improvement.

Before you arrive

  • In advance of your stay, you will receive a pre-arrival email guiding you through your stay and how to pre-book your dining experiences and the leisure facilities.
  • A Safety Information letter will be issued to you upon arrival, explaining the procedures that you will need to be mindful of during your stay.

When you arrive

  • All entrance doors are automated. No touching is required.
  • Bedroom key cards and pens at the reception desk are disinfected after every use.
  • Hand disinfection stations have been installed at all entrances and throughout the hotel.

What you will notice during your stay


  • Where required employees will wear the relevant PPE.
  • Signage is in place to encourage and remind people about regular hand washing and social distancing.
  • Contactless payment and e-invoices are encouraged.
  • Newspapers and magazines are on offer digitally via the PressReader App.
  • Elevators have a maximum capacity of one guest or one household. A one-stop system is in place.
  • Furniture has been rearranged to allow for adequate social distancing.
  • Air hand dryers have been deactivated until further notice. Guests are requested to use the paper towels and pedal bins provided.
  • Cleaning checklists will be accessible online.
  • A COVID Compliance Officer has been appointed in every department throughout the hotel. They are responsible for ensuring all guidelines and procedures are adhered to.


  • Tables in our Cork restaurants have been adequately spaced apart to allow for adequate social distancing. The number of diners will be restricted.
  • Disposable paper napkins will be provided until further notice.
  • All meals and drinks will be served to your table.
  • Afternoon tea will be served on individual stands.
  • All condiments have been removed from dining tables and are available upon request.
  • Laminated menus are in place.
  • Menus are also available digitally via scanning a QR code.
  • In-room dining will be conducted with minimal contact. You can opt to have your order left outside your door. All food is covered throughout transit.

In Your Room:

  • Government and WHO guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting guest rooms will be strictly adhered to. Frequently touched areas will be thoroughly disinfected regularly (ie., telephones, remote controls, handles, taps, light switches, etc.).
  • A fresh set of microfiber cloths is used for each room.
  • Cutlery/crockery will be machine washed at temperatures of 82C or higher.
  • Bins are disinfected with appropriate chemicals.
  • A daily housekeeping service will not be provided until further notice. Additional towels and pillows are available upon request.
  • Hotel room attendants will wear a fresh set of disposable PPE for each room they clean. These will be disposed of in line with government guidelines.
  • Bed linen will be handled with extreme care so as to avoid lifting dust. Linen will be bagged, sealed and removed for laundering. All linen is laundered at a 70C or above for at
    least 25 minutes.
  • Room attendants will open windows when servicing a room, allowing adequate ventilation.

The Health Club & Swimming Pool

  • The swimming pool at The Health Club is open with numbers restricted. Swim slots are of 1-hour duration and pre-booking is essential.
  • We recommend using your guest room for changing. Robes and slippers are provided in your room. Towels will be available from The Health Club reception.
  • Shower facilities are not available at The Health Club.
  • A strict and regular disinfection programme is in place. High-touch points will be frequently disinfected.
  • The Steam Room, Sauna, and Jacuzzi will remain closed until further notice.
  • The outdoor Hydro Pool is open, however, the jets and waterfall are not in operation.
  • The pool area will be pressure washed and disinfected each evening and regular chemical/chlorine checks are completed.
  • The gymnasium will reopen on July 6th.

Behind the Scenes

  • Prominent signage and hand disinfection dispensers are located throughout the back of house areas.
  • All public areas are cleaned and disinfected in line with government and WHO guidelines.
  • High-touch points such as chair arms, tables, handrails, door handles, elevator buttons, etc. are cleaned on a regular basis.
  • Vacuum cleaner bags are changed every four days.
  • Food Safety/HACCP – we will continue to observe the strictest hygiene practices across all areas of food preparation in our kitchens.
  • All dining areas will be ventilated at the end of the day.
  • Goods received will be inspected. Any goods in an unsatisfactory condition will be immediately rejected.
  • Loading bays are equipped with hand disinfectant for both suppliers and employees.
  • The goods received area will be cleaned and disinfected at regular intervals and after each period of use.
  • All food and food contact goods are date coded upon arrival and quarantined as appropriate in a designated area. Dry goods are left for 48-72 hours before transferring them to food
  • Where possible the outer packaging on chilled goods is removed upon unloading.
  • Alternatively, outer packaging will be cleaned using the appropriate cleaning agents.
  • Deliveries are staggered to allow sufficient time between each delivery.
  • Waste collection has been scheduled to avoid clashing with linen and food deliveries.
  • Service elevators are treated in the same way as guest elevators- 1 staff member per
    elevator. Elevators are regularly disinfected – paying particular attention to buttons and handrails.

In the Kitchen

  • Kitchens and food prep areas are regularly disinfected. Extra care is given to high-touch points. ie., equipment, surfaces, chopping boards, etc.
  • Workstations have been re-arranged so that employees are not facing one other.
  • “Teams” have been created to reduce unnecessary interaction and contact between employees.
  • Disposable masks, gloves, and hairnets must be worn at all times.
  • Menu options have been revised and redesigned to bring them into line with Failte Ireland’s guidelines for the tourism and hospitality sectors.
  • All knives and utensils are washed in a dishwasher at a rinse of 82C or sterilised using an autoclave or boiling water.

Additional safety measures our team are taking

  • Anyone experiencing COVID-19 symptoms will be asked not to attend work and to contact their local Public Health centre.
  • Hand disinfectant will be used upon entering the premises, regularly throughout the day, and again when leaving.
  • Unnecessary contact or conversation with guests is discouraged. Naturally, we are saddened to have to enforce this protocol, as it is out of our nature, however, your safety is paramount
    to us.
  • Supervisors monitor the use of PPE and ensure it is disposed of correctly.
  • Social distancing guidelines are strictly adhered to, with shifts staggered to ensure adequate social distancing during break times.
  • Additional training has been provided. Supervisors will continue to monitor strict compliance with regard to regular hand washing and cough etiquette.
  • Locker rooms will be thoroughly disinfected daily.
  • Windows will be kept open where possible to allow for adequate ventilation.
  • Personal belongings will be stored in lockers.
  • Offices have been rearranged to allow for social distancing, with high touch-points disinfected regularly.
  • Meetings will take place over the phone/via teleconferencing. Where face-to-face meetings are necessary, social distancing guidelines will be strictly adhered to. Windows will be open for adequate ventilation and tables, chairs, etc, will be disinfected after use.