Get the Scoop on Easy Fuel for Before and After Your Training Session

When embarking on your fitness journey, our Health Club team believe what you eat before and after a workout can be just as important as the reps you put in! Although there are an array of supplements and highly complex diets to choose from, it is often basic habits that serve the best purpose in the long run. Keep it simple, tasty, and, most importantly, effective!

Pre- Workout Power Up
Don’t hit the gym feeling low on energy. For that quick release of energy without having to spend an hour in the kitchen, grab a cereal bar – like Squares or Rice Krispie bars. They’re loaded with fast-acting carbs, giving you the kick you need for a killer workout. Just toss one in your bag, and you’re good to go!

Refuel Right After
Post-sweat, it’s all about bouncing back. Grab some protein milk for muscle TLC and a handful of jellies for a quick carb reload. They’re small, they’re tasty, and they fit right in your bag. These light post workout options are ideal to avoid any unnecessary bloating or nauseous after an intense session. We would advise that you avoid the added sugars where possible when enjoying your handful of jellies – go for the natural ones and skip the excess sweet stuff.

Coffee: A Curse or A Cure?
For many, coffee can act as a highly debated fuel source. Is it good or bad to consume? We believe that having a cup or two a day is not harmful to a healthy body and can even provide a fast acting energy source for those hitting the gym. Once you do not have any underlying health conditions, are unsuitable to caffeine or if it doesn’t affect your sleeping habits, we believe a coffee in moderation can be beneficial to your fitness journey.

Keep these options in mind the next time you decide to join us at The Health Club. If you’re looking for more tips and tricks to get the most from your workout, our team are always available to lend a helping hand.